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Sticky Enquiry


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      New enquiry type. Not displayed on login, but can be configured to be displayed under a separate tab in HomeUI + has standalone address. The key difference to existing regular enquires is that a sticky enquiry can be filled multiple times, and each time it is filled it is editing current state of the user.

      Example: let's consider an enquiry that have an attribute "height" and one group param /A/**. When enquiry response editor is loaded for given user, the initial state of the selections is set to the actual value of the height attribute and groups under /A that the user is member of. User can therefore request an edit of his current settings.


      Configuration in enquiry form editor - additional type (specific to enquires only, not shared with registration).

      For sticky enquiry params: Identities and Agreements are not supported and should be disabled on form editor (we may add it later on, would require extra work). So only credentials, attributes and groups are allowed.

      Editing enquiry response

      User can edit sticky enquiry only if is member of some of the groups specified in enquiry configuration. It is started by:

      • entering enquiry URL (same as for existing enquires)
      • by link from Home UI -> list of enquries should be a configurable element on main panel

      In case when user has an pending enquiry (not yet accepted) and tries to create another one with the same form a warning shall be presented asking to cancel or overwrite the previous one.

      Processing enquiry response

      After standard validation sticky enquiry response should overwrite its parameters for the user (given attribute values, group memberships among all groups matching enquiry group wildcard, given credential).




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